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District launches mascot competition for mobility in Wendland

Hello Mobi mascot, we are looking for you. Reference to a drawing competition for a mascot for mobility in Wendland

Who could it be? What could it be? What could it look like? And above all: What could it be called? These are the questions the employees of "WendlandMobil" in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district are currently asking themselves. They are looking for a smart mascot for mobility in Wendland. And in this search, every resident can...

Sponsors wanted for CITY CYCLING 2024!

The cycling competition "CITY CYCLING - Cycling for a good climate" is running in Lüchow-Dannenberg this year from 12 August to 1 September 2024. Sponsors are still being sought for the prizes to be awarded to the most committed cyclists. The aim of the competition is to cycle as many kilometres as possible during the three-week...

City Cycling 2022 this time already in spring!

Attention: this year the STADTRADELN already takes place in spring! To be precise, it starts on 15.05.2022 and goes until 04.06.2022! During this period you can once again cycle as many climate-friendly kilometres as possible and win great prizes at the end! Whether as an individual cyclist, in a team or as a school class: great prizes await you!...

The Mobi-Bus is ready!

How climate-friendly are you on the road?! From now on, the freshly decorated "Mobi-Bus" will be rolling through the district. Have you seen it yet?  

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