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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you will find frequently asked questions about school transport, LSE & mobility in the Wendland.

The pupils' tickets are paid for by the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg under the following conditions:

  • Residence is in the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg
  • Transport to the nearest school (except for KGS Clenze, BVS Hitzacker, Elbauenschule Gartow, Freie Schule Wendland and Freie Schule Hitzacker).
  • Distance between home and school for pupils in pre-schools, school kindergartens, primary schools and special schools is more than 2 km.
  • Distance between home and school for lower secondary school pupils more than 3 km
  • Distance between home and school for pupils of the school-based year of basic vocational training, the year of vocational preparation as well as class 1 of those vocational schools that do not require the Realschulabschluss (secondary school leaving certificate), more than 3 km
  • In case of permanent or temporary disability regardless of the distance between home and school

Under the following conditions, the bus ticket must be paid for by the student:

  • The pupil's place of residence is outside the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg.

If you have left an email address, we will send you a confirmation email. If something does not fit or we still have questions about your process, we will contact you.

A red replacement certificate can be issued at the school. The school now forwards the loss to the specialist service 60 Mobility. The case is processed there and a new printout is commissioned from the Lüchow-Schmarsau Railway.

The ticket will be printed by Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn when the payment of € 25.00 for the lost ticket has been received.

This is the bank account of the LSE:

Account holder: LSE GmbH
IBAN: DE16 2585 0110 0044 0582 46
BIC: NOLADE21UEL - Sparkasse Uelzen Lüchow - Dannenberg

In the event of a move, this must be notified to the district. The responsible administrative department will then order a new card from LSE GmbH.


In the case of a change of school, the new school normally notifies the change of school and a new ticket is ordered by the district from the LSE. The old ticket must then be returned.

All timetables are available for download as PDF files. We recommend using the VBN timetable information service. There you can easily find the right connection and enter the desired start and destination.

"Click here for timetable information

Numerous journeys in the Lüchow-Dannenberg public transport system are provided as so-called call bus journeys. This means that the journey will only be made if you book it by telephone or online.

You can easily book online via our online portal.

" To the online portal

Your Call bus centre is available daily from Monday to Sunday between 06:00 and 20:00 under the telephone number 05841 977 377 available!

For more info, click here:

We sell Lower Saxony tickets in the Mobility Agency pavilion at Lüchow bus station and on LSE buses. Please note: The RBB also runs some services on line 7000. Unfortunately, the Niedersachsenticket cannot be purchased there. You can find out which company runs when on the top line of the timetable or ask us at the pavilion. (Tel. 05841 – 120 678)

On the social media channels of LSE & the Mobility Agency, we keep you up to date with short-term developments as best we can. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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