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Wendland Info Centre to the Digitaltag 2021

(Digital) Life in the Wendland: Counselling 5.0

Various institutions, projects and initiatives in Wendland offer online consultations. We want to talk to you digitally "in person" and exchange information in an uncomplicated way:

What and where to work in the Wendland, where and how to live, what mobility and leisure options are there here, where can I network, what about digitalisation and what impact does that have on companies?

We can imagine these and other topics as an agenda for the Wendland Infothek.

For more information, see the list of participating initiatives.

Which (digital) platforms of the Employment Agency can I use for myself? What job prospects do the regional companies offer me? What training places are currently still available and where can I find them?

A representative of the Employer Service of the Lüchow Employment Agency will be happy to advise you on these and many other questions about finding a job or training place in the Wendland region in a digital interview.

You want to become a Wendlander (again)? We will support you in your arrival.

No matter what questions or concerns you have on the topics of job, education, housing, leisure or family - we are happy to exchange (digital) information with you. In addition to individual counselling, we will also provide you with information on further websites and contacts within our wide-ranging (company) network.

What do I have to consider if I want to buy a house or farm in the Wendland? How can I build or renovate sustainably and where can I find craftsmen?

As the BauWerk Wendland e.V. association, we will be happy to answer questions like these and many more in a digital conversation. We provide comprehensive advice on the topics of renovation, building, living, energy efficiency and building culture in the Wendland. We have a broad portfolio of different network partners and are happy to help you.

What contribution does digitalisation make as a factor for the business location? What were and are the technical challenges and consequences of fibre optic networking in the district? What were the experiences of the broadband company and the economic development agency in the course of the 2018-2021 network roll-out? And also: What significance does the fibre optic network have for your work - as an entrepreneur or employee?  

The business development department and the broadband company will be happy to discuss these and other topics relating to the fibre-optic network and digitalisation with you. Your questions are welcome, because it should be a lively discussion.

Where can I take part in my Zoom conference or give a presentation without being disturbed by the screaming of children? Where do I meet like-minded people and "stressed-out" people who are looking for exchange besides remote work?

The Green Workshop will be happy to answer these and many other questions. And she will take you on a digital tour of the coworking space in the Old Post Office in Lüchow.

The postLAB is an open workspace with several offices, a communication room and a small kitchenette. People work there on their own projects or in a (second) home office. Social exchange is important to them in addition to their own undisturbed work. It is a place of short distances, because the business development agency, the regional development processes unit, the Wendlandleben agency and the Wendland.Elbe marketing office also work here. There is a prototype workshop in the basement, where people regularly meet for public repairs.

How do I get more bookings? Where can I market my holiday accommodation? What other tourist offers are there in the region? How does the tour portal work?

We at the marketing office of the Wendland.Elbe holiday region can answer these and other questions in the digital information centre. We will be happy to advise you on marketing, rentals and offers and to exchange ideas with you on the development of tourism in the region.

Do I really need my own car if I move to the countryside? Where can I easily charge my eBike and isn't there also a bus connection?

We, the team of the mobility agency WENDLAND.ELBE offer "personal" comprehensible digital advice on sustainable mobility in rural areas.

Mobility needs and possibilities can be explored together. We can also explore the new digital map of mobility in the Wendland together if we wish.


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