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Wendland.Elbe - Mobility offers on holiday

How can guests and visitors to the Wendland.Elbe holiday region use public transport services? What services are available and where can information be found?

Holidaymakers want to be mobile in the Wendland.Elbe holiday region without a car - and not just by bike - but is that possible? What offers are available for this? Can a car-sharing car be used? When are on-call buses available as public transport? Is the Wendland-On-Demand app a way to get around the region without your own car? Where can guests find additional offers such as charging points for e-bikes and e-charging points for cars?

In order to provide landlords and hosts in the Wendland.Elbe holiday region with comprehensive information about these offers, we cordially invite you to the

Information evening "Mobility offers for guests in the Wendland.Elbe holiday region"
on Tuesday, 23 April 2024 from 17:00 - 19:00 at the
Mobility Agency Wendland.Elbe, Am Busbahnhof, Amtshof 1, 29439 Lüchow (Wendland)

We present the offers and possibilities in a bundled form and report on the practical uses for holidaymakers.

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