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District launches mascot competition for mobility in Wendland

Hello Mobi mascot, we are looking for you. Reference to a drawing competition for a mascot for mobility in Wendland

Who could it be? What could it be? What could it look like? And above all: What could it be called? These are the questions the employees of "WendlandMobil" in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district are currently asking themselves. They are looking for a smart mascot for mobility in Wendland.

And every resident of the district can actively help in this search. Because "WendlandMobil" is launching a creative competition for the mascot search. Anyone wishing to take part should submit a drawing of their mascot idea and a suggested name. In addition, the character of the mascot should be described in a few sentences.

"The competition is aimed at all imaginative minds in Wendland who like public transport and want to use their mascot idea to promote mobility in Wendland," says Mareike Harlfinger-Düpow, Head of the Climate Protection and Mobility Unit. "There are no limits to the imagination. The character we are looking for could be a cute animal, a striking cartoon character or something completely different. It would be great if the mascot would also fit in really well with Wendland. We are looking forward to the designs."

The competition ends on 18 May 2024, after which a jury will nominate the best design. The winner will receive an attractive prize: a shopping voucher for 100 euros at a regional market for organic products. All residents and school classes in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district are eligible to take part. Further information can be found in the conditions of participation at

The winning design will then be finalised by a design studio. After that, the new mascot can advertise the new mobility in Wendland. After all, public transport and mobility in Wendland are currently undergoing change. The federal model project "CleverMoWe" has already introduced innovations, including a new fare structure and on-demand transport. With the help of the new federal transport project "MobilPunkt Wendland", 26 mobility stations are also to be set up or expanded in Lüchow-Dannenberg. These are transport hubs. Several mobility options are combined here, e.g. a bus stop with a car-sharing and bike hire service.

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