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Car sharing
in the Wendland

Car sharing Lüchow (Wendland)

Especially in rural areas, mobility is a challenge due to an insufficient infrastructure. The association "Carsharing im Wendland" is concerned with the development of a regional, non-commercial car sharing service for Lüchow-Dannenberg in order to further expand an additional mobility offer in village locations of Lüchow-Dannenberg.

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With car sharing, you do not own the car yourself, but share it with others. The owner of the car is a car sharing association. Users conclude a user contract with the non-commercial car sharing association when they register.

After that, they can book the vehicle independently around the clock. You only pay for the actual use of the vehicle. All costs are included in the fare; you do not have to refuel at your own expense, but there is a fuel card in each vehicle.

The vehicles are at fixed locations. As an association member, you can book any vehicle registered in the booking portal.

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With the app "evemo", whose link and access data you will receive from us when you register with the association, you can open the vehicle at the selected time. You will find the instructions for using the respective vehicle in the vehicle. You need the following to use our car sharing service mandatory a current smartphone (iPhone 5s (or newer) with iOS 12 (or newer), or comparable Android smartphone) with an operating system that is as new as possible and on which the "evemo" app can be installed, and activated mobile data usage, and Bluetooth. You cannot open our vehicles without the app installed, mobile data usage activated and Bluetooth.


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