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Youth and Trainee Ticket

With the Youth and Trainee Ticket (discounted, regional student and trainee ticket - € 30.00 per month), all road-based, public transport in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district can be used without restriction on all days - including holidays and weekends.

  1. The Youth and Trainee Ticket is valid in the entire area of responsibility of the municipal public transport authority (district of Lüchow-Dannenberg) in the entire respective tariff area - Wendland Tariff
    • for the use of all means of local public transport by road
    • on any number of journeys on all lines in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district
    • by subscription for one year - price: conclusion of an annual subscription: monthly € 30.00
  1. The Youth and Trainee Ticket is not valid on outbound services to neighbouring counties
    • Uelzen district
    • Lüneburg district
    • County Ludwigslust-Parchim
  1. The Youth and Trainee Ticket is not valid on rail-bound transport in the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg.

Youth and apprentice tickets are only valid in conjunction with a pupil's, vocational school or apprentice's ID card or upon presentation of a school certificate, a training contract or an apprenticeship contract at the Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn GmbH office. Graduates of the voluntary social year or the voluntary environmental protection year also require an ID card or written proof, which must be issued by the responsible institution and presented at the Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn GmbH office.

    1. The Youth and Trainee Ticket is valid for twelve consecutive months or one school year and is issued as an annual ticket with monthly or annual payment.
    2. The Youth and Trainee Ticket is valid on all days of the week, including school holidays and without time limit.
    3. The Youth and Trainee Ticket is issued by the selling company as a chip card ticket with photo.
    4. The Youth and Trainee Ticket ends automatically at the end of the entitlement period. For the continuation of the Youth and Trainee Ticket, a new order for twelve consecutive months or a school year is necessary. The direct debit mandate must also be renewed.
  1. The application for the Youth and Trainee Ticket is made in digital form at the Website of the company to be sold and providing personal data, the fully completed SEPA direct debit mandate and submitting a photograph. A written application procedure can also be submitted using the corresponding form that is issued by the transport company for sale or the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg. In addition, the form is available on the Homepage to find.
  2. The Youth and Trainee Ticket is sold exclusively by Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn GmbH.

Youth and apprentice tickets are non-transferable and made out to the holder.

The Youth and Trainee Ticket is a personal ticket issued to the holder. At the request of the staff, persons over 15 years of age must prove their entitlement to use the ticket by presenting an official photo ID.

For lost, destroyed or damaged tickets, a one-off replacement ticket for the remaining months of the ticket ordered will be issued for a fee of €25. Lost tickets are invalid and must be returned to the issuing office immediately upon recovery. After a replacement ticket has been issued, the direct debit procedure cannot be terminated until the end of the contract year, even in cases of hardship.

Cancellation during the period of validity is generally not possible. In cases of proven hardship (e.g. moving away from the area of validity), it is possible to return the ticket during the year; the ticket price is reduced by 1/12 of the ticket price (rounded down to whole cents) for each completely unused calendar month. The completely unused calendar months are counted from the time the Youth and Trainee Ticket is returned (at the earliest, however, from the occurrence of the hardship case) until the end of the validity period of the ticket. The Youth and Trainee Ticket becomes invalid and must be returned to the respective selling company by the fifth day after the termination of the contract takes effect. As long as the Youth and Trainee Ticket has not been returned, the full monthly instalment corresponding to the offer must be paid for each month that has begun.

The customer's contractual partner is the respective selling company (Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn GmbH). The contract for the Youth and Trainee Ticket by direct debit can be started on the first of each month if the respective selling company has received the application including the SEPA direct debit mandate by the 20th of the previous month at the latest.

Changes of address and bank details must be notified to the selling company without delay.

  1. In case of monthly payment, an amount of 30,- Euro is due. Payment is due on the first of each month.
  2. In the case of annual payment, the annual price valid in the first month of the tariff is debited or the one-off amount is paid in on site at the selling company. Payment is due before the start of the validity period.

3 The prerequisite for participation in the direct debit scheme is the granting of a SEPA direct debit mandate in accordance with the prescribed model (application procedure).

  1. If a monthly amount cannot be debited due to a lack of funds in the account or if the direct debit authorisation is revoked, the direct debit procedure can be terminated by the selling company with immediate effect.

In the event of illness associated with incapacity to travel, reimbursement is possible. The inability to travel and its duration must be proven to Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn GmbH (LSE) by means of a medical certificate/attestation from the health insurance company or a certificate from a hospital/spa or rehabilitation clinic. The certificate must be presented in the original. Reimbursable are certificates with more than 28 consecutive days of illness each, but max. 60 days per contract year. Several short illnesses over a few days, which add up to more than 28 days, cannot be recognised. For each day of incapacity to travel, 1/365 of the ticket price will be refunded. A processing fee of 5 euros will be charged for this. The certificate of incapacity to travel must be received by the issuing company no later than 1 month after the reason for reimbursement ceases to exist, otherwise reimbursement is excluded. Otherwise, reimbursement may be made dependent on the deposit of the ticket.

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